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ITT-Tech reviews
ITT-Tech Complaints
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This web site is dedicated to those who have complaints against ITT-Tech.

If you're thinking of attending ITT, read the reviews here first and think again!

BBB Statistics: 129 complaints filed through the Better Business Bureau.
BBB Accreditation revoked due to failing to honor its accreditation agreement with the BBB.

Can the end be near for ITT?

Many of you say, "Yes!!!"

On August 4th ITT-Tech CEO, Kevin M. Modany, announced he will step down Feb. 4, 2015. Their stock plummeted.

Several of you have been kind enough to send me links to various articles.

Here's a link to the source, ITT-Tech:


Would you hire someone with a degree from ITT Tech in your specialized field?

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...if you showed me a piece of red construction-paper, with your name written on it in yellow crayon, it would have more credibility, longevity, and educational integrity, than your ITT Technical Institute diploma.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau files a claim against ITT!

Check with your local Attorney General to see if they are working on any legal action against ITT.

4 counts:

Read the full document here and ITT's reply here ... why do they use such small print?

Also on this site: ITTs "Pain Funnel" illustrates four levels of pain with questions corresponding to each level. ... the "Pain Funnel" presents a number of questions that the recruiter can ask that are progressively more hurtful.

See the new section featuring current and former employees speaking out!

Read these reviews. Write your own.

Some highlights:


Awesome website! I wish I would have known what an awful place ITT is.

ITT used deceptive recruitment practices to lure students into enrolling (particularly low-income students and veterans) to receive their federal financial aid. These students then receive none of the valuable career skills for which they enrolled in the program and they leave with enormous amounts of debt.

Do not teach at ITT!


I am a former instructor at an ITT in Texas. This place is not a real school. Instructors are encouraged to lie about student's academic performance and attendance, when you don't and I wouldn't, problems occur.

I am an adjunct instructor at ITT Tech in Omaha, NE teaching my first course for them. I DO NOT PLAN TO RETURN! The instructional materials given to me were inadequate and the pacing is not realistic for the type of student that is enrolled there.


...if you showed me a piece of red construction-paper, with your name written on it in yellow crayon, it would have more credibility, longevity, and educational integrity, than your ITT Technical Institute diploma.


Not only does ITT cost more than their public school counterparts, it is also significantly more expensive than comparable for-profit colleges. For example, the cost of an Associate degree at ITT’s Clive, IA campus is $47,928. The same degree at Kaplan University in Des Moines, IA is $30,654, and the degree costs $10,290 at the Des Moines Area Community College. ITT’s Clive campus had a 54.7 percent withdrawal rate for students enrolling between 2008 and 2009.


The company's "Pain Funnel" illustrates four levels of pain with questions the recruiter can ask which are corresponding to each level.

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